Thursday, 18 August 2016

Samsung d'light

Travelling to South Korea this year was a great experience. One of the things on my wife’s hit-list of Seoul sights was Samsung d’light, an interactive tech exhibition with a flagship Samsung store attached. After falling in love with the delightful innocence and airy ultra-modern vibe of Miraikan, Tokyo’s ‘Museum of the Future’, I was eager to see what Samsung had to offer.

Samsung is a Korean corporation, and in fact is the largest family-run (chaebol) corporation in South Korea, responsible for 17% of the country’s economy in 2014. So suffice to say my expectations were high!

Samsung d’light is in Gangnam, Seoul (Gangnam is a place, not just a ‘Style’!). The store below carries all of Samsung’s latest products, but star of the show was a VR headset and chair experience, which rocked me around on a rollercoaster ride before we went up to the Samsung d’light exhibition halls.

The displays are really fun, gauging your mood and giving you a chance to express yourself as you interact with them. It really feels like you are interacting with the building itself, and each interaction is a positive, creative activity.

This means a lot of wild flailing around, a really joyful and freeing experience to have with technology. The whole exhibition is like this, offering easy ways to interact with clever displays, each activity giving you a positive, feel-good and creative outcome unique to you.

On the top floor is a display of future technology, smart-house appliances, work-surface sized tablets. Best were the wall displays of how different kinds of technology could help us in the future.

What I’ll take away from Samsung d’light though is the same sense of ‘bright-future’ optimism that I took from Miraikan. It feels great to get so many positive, personalised messages just from walking around the exhibition and taking part. Always a bit wary of crowds and an introvert, I enjoyed how Samsung d’light offers a really positive way for each person as an individual to engage with technology.

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