Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Tallarn Imperial Guard - first force

I've been busy. Which is to say I've been really ill, and painting is relaxing.

Lets talk about Imperial Guard (or as the Gothic kids say, Astra Militarum).

As ever, I don't want to tow the line of the fluff but would rather create my own. My Imperials are citizen-soldiers of the isolated Syndbou star cluster. A group of human partisans in a galaxy of daemons, aliens and posthuman horrors. These are not regular Astra Militarum, but volunteers and guerrillas who have earned their BS4 living on the edge of civilisation, trying to stop the encroachment of hostile species and cults. Outmanned and underresourced they are naturally most concerned with the strategic aims of the mission at hand.

My initial idea was to make an Emperor's Blade Assault Company. This formation from Damocles Mont'Ka consists of:

The benefits of the formation are:

  • Objective Secured on the infantry
  • Preferred Enemy against foes near objectives. 

This really appealed to me as a force - and it fits neatly into 1000 points. 

GW's old metal Tallarn Desert Raiders are really fun to paint. Taking a leaf from a previous project, I decided to start with a limited colour palette
but vary how those colours were applied to each model to give a sense of unity without uniformity (or uniforms!).

Metal Tallarns direct from GW. Felt good to see "1994" on the base tabs.

My first test models for shades. 

A splash of colour from knife sheaths and skulls.

This guy has great detail on the cloth of his headscarf. Probably my favourite of the Tallarn miniatures.

Got more Tallarns! Time to get a batch process going.

Initial base colours

Base colours for the company command squad.

Everyone's ready for basing!

Phew, finished!

Well, that's that! I have base coated their Chimeras, but nowhere near finished yet. I'll post them in a future update.

I'm also considering running this force using Genestealer Cult rules featuring several Neophyte Cavalcades. The sneaky tactics and careful planning of the Cult suit the feel of Tallarn models as guerrilla fighters.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Tallarn Desert Raiders - the start of something new

So, as many of you will be aware, 2016 has been a horror show. Part of this horror was that I turned 30 in October. So like any self-respectless 30 year old, I bought myself some birthday presents to mark the occasion.

Oh, stick this on while you read, it's pretty great!

In 2015 I happily crafted a simple, self-contained Skitarii army. The army was loosely based on the ancillaries from the fantastic novel Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. While I was working on this my friend GrimDarkRealms was really upping his game with his airbrushing techniques. So, I asked for an airbrush as my 30th birthday gift.

The addition of an airbrush to my life has allowed me to consider projects previously too laborious to contemplate. I have long had two armies in mind for 40k... an Eldar ghost army, which would benefit heavily from the clean coverage and gradients an airbrush can provide, and a mechanised Tallarn army, which needs an airbrush more to cope with the sheer surface area that has to be covered in paint than anything fancy. Well, this year the Tallarns won...

Choosing Tallarns gives me an opportunity to work with some classic miniatures...

Imperial Guard Astra Militarum Chimera Tallarn Al'Rahem Company Commander Metal well as some newer ones...
Imperial Knight Paladin and 40K Chimera Fire Barrels Conversion Genestealer Cult Parts

The Imperial Knight is from the Skitarii project. I really like the scale of the knight compared with the old metal Tallarns. They really are from different eras.

Imperial Guard Astra Militarum Tallarn Desert Raider Metal Veterans Commissar Conversion

My first complete unit of Tallarn veterans. Cyborg commissar to keep their morale up.

I'll post more as the army develops.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Samsung d'light

Travelling to South Korea this year was a great experience. One of the things on my wife’s hit-list of Seoul sights was Samsung d’light, an interactive tech exhibition with a flagship Samsung store attached. After falling in love with the delightful innocence and airy ultra-modern vibe of Miraikan, Tokyo’s ‘Museum of the Future’, I was eager to see what Samsung had to offer.

Samsung is a Korean corporation, and in fact is the largest family-run (chaebol) corporation in South Korea, responsible for 17% of the country’s economy in 2014. So suffice to say my expectations were high!

Samsung d’light is in Gangnam, Seoul (Gangnam is a place, not just a ‘Style’!). The store below carries all of Samsung’s latest products, but star of the show was a VR headset and chair experience, which rocked me around on a rollercoaster ride before we went up to the Samsung d’light exhibition halls.

The displays are really fun, gauging your mood and giving you a chance to express yourself as you interact with them. It really feels like you are interacting with the building itself, and each interaction is a positive, creative activity.

This means a lot of wild flailing around, a really joyful and freeing experience to have with technology. The whole exhibition is like this, offering easy ways to interact with clever displays, each activity giving you a positive, feel-good and creative outcome unique to you.

On the top floor is a display of future technology, smart-house appliances, work-surface sized tablets. Best were the wall displays of how different kinds of technology could help us in the future.

What I’ll take away from Samsung d’light though is the same sense of ‘bright-future’ optimism that I took from Miraikan. It feels great to get so many positive, personalised messages just from walking around the exhibition and taking part. Always a bit wary of crowds and an introvert, I enjoyed how Samsung d’light offers a really positive way for each person as an individual to engage with technology.

You can also read about my wife's experience at Samsung d'light on the Signals blog.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Explorator Vessel XL9N exits the Warp

Autolog of the XL9N Explorator, M41.

-EXIT WARP LOC/9372632-2183638-09412
  ±GELLAR CAP-12/100
   -PURGE DECKS-104-112
-UPDATE 00001 / 23313 PENDING
-UPDATE 23312 / 23313 PENDING