Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Space Wolves Rhino Rust

Late in the 38th millennium, Harald Gunnarsson's Great Company was presumed lost in the Warp forever. Their three ships broke free of the reality storm too close to Biur IV's gravity well, and fell towards the acid-wind torn surface of the desert Death World. 

Centuries later, with the remnants of the company and its serfs reverted to a tribal state, the Strike Cruiser Moon At Midnight still lies beneath the surface of the nano-plague crawling dunes. Unlike the tarnished power armour of the survivors on the surface, the machinery locked safely in Moon At Midnight's belly still retains its original snow-white colouring. The Rhinos wait. Surely a hero will come.

These Rhinos are in much the condition you would expect 
them to be in after over 2000 years of zero maintenance. 

Perfect condition.

These are Rhinos.