Sunday, 20 July 2014

7th Edition Space Wolves Landspeeders 1, 2 & 3!

Today I'm going to talk about landspeeders.

Landspeeders are easily the most versatile option Space Wolves currently have in terms of fast non-flyer redeployment. 7th Edition has put flexibility and manoeuvrability front and centre with the introduction of turn-by-turn objectives under the Maelstrom mission rules.

(credit to Grim Dark Realms for the terrain!)


Landspeeders are skimmers. Obvious, right? But unlike armies whose stock in trade are skimmers, landspeeders come both cheap and plentifully, as squadrons. Being able to move over terrain is a big advantage, and not something Wolves players have many options for.

The landspeeder has a potential move of 30”. Perfect for line breaking and far-off objective grabbing. Place a couple in cover near the centre of the board. They can pop out and counter any mid-table threats, and also respond immediately to almost any objective-based situation.

This lets you be a bit more gung-ho with them, and can lead opponents to focus on more traditionally powerful targets first. A Dreadnought or Drop Pod of Terminators is a universally scary unit to be faced with, so who in their right mind would shoot a landspeeder that just crept up next to the drop site?


My three speeders are all equipped with a single Multi-melta and Heavy Flamer. The melta gives the speeder much needed punch, making it a threat to all vehicles, walkers and T4 infantry. The flamer also gives you a situational anti-vehicle weapon, should your melta miss its shot. With your manoeuvrability, getting behind enemy vehicles is a cinch, and a S5 shot to AV10 rear armour is worth it, especially as the flamer template will negate enemy attempts to Jink.

Having two completely different specialised weapons makes it hard for opponents to predict your next move. Will you skim over the ruins and grill some infantry, or strike deep into enemy territory to take a pot shot at their ordnance? The mid-board presence of a few landspeeders may stop opponents committing their heavy armour or light troops to the valuable centre ground, as the landspeeders present each with a dire threat.

The Ramans do everything in threes.